irc client version 1.1

I’ve abandoned my intentions of learning C++ and Qt, because frankly I don’t want to learn C++ at the moment — it is too unwieldy. I am very fond of the C language and comfortable writing code in it, so I am going to continue to write in C primarily. I plan to write a bot in C in the near future, but right now I’m more inclined to learn GTK+ so I can write C GUIs. Unfortunately my laptop runs OS X, and it’s not easy to develop GTK applications in OS X… I will probably end up learning it on the Linux computers in my school’s computer lab.

After returning to C I revisited my irc client, and wrote a second version: version 1.1. (Version 1.0 is the first.) The major difference is that 1.1 is single-threaded via the use of select(). Multithreading is quite simply bad practice in C since the language was not designed for parallelism. I am quite glad that select() went so smoothly, and that my program is now single-threaded. I am also quite pleased with my ring buffer — both select() and the ring buffer were suggestions I received in ##C.

Here is the code to my irc client 1.1: ircc1.1.

Tomorrow I’m going to the computer lab to learn GTK+.


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