New Project bot in C++. The first one I did was in Java, and only connected over telnet. This one had a GUI. The second one I did was in Java, and connected as a Starcraft client. Unfortunately, I never got around to making a GUI for it, and I also didn’t bother to implement Warden.

So this time I plan to make a complete one, in C++ with a GUI, using the Qt framework as my widget toolkit. Maybe I’ll implement Warden… but since it doesn’t hamper War 2 logons, and I only have a War 2 key, I don’t really see the point. Perhaps for learning. But first I’ll just make the bot with its GUI, and learn C++ and Qt in the process.

I just learned today that a lot of glorious applications were written in C++/Qt. These include: Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop Album, Player, Mathematica, Opera, Skype, TeamSpeak, VirtualBox, and VLC Media Player. This really piques my enthusiasm for learning Qt šŸ˜›


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